Simone and Justin infont of the sea

We're looking forward to a big life together,
not just a big day...

Which is why we will be getting married at the courthouse this October with our immediate family.

As a part of the celebration, we would love to receive cards with any marriage advice, your funny marriage stories, or any thoughtful words from our community.

We are extremely fortunate to have everything we need (kitchen tools, home decor, bedding, and all the unnecessary necessities). So we graciously ask not to receive physical gifts. The best gift to us would be a card with some words of wisdom or the opportunity to spend quality time together. We really appreciate our community’s love and support during this exciting time and we hope to create lasting memories with you!

In our next big chapter together we hope to buy a home! If you would like to contribute to this next journey please support us by sending checks to 2705 Haverford Pl., Apt 476, Charlotte NC 28209. We can also be reached via Venmo @Simone-Noonan or @Jsp93.

We thank you for your love and support!
Please check back here in November for photos and a recap.